A phenomenal MC is the key to the a great affair! Our NCP MC`s are vibrant personalities with 8 years plus experience and act as the party orchestrator; using crowd participation to charge the event. By interacting with dance floor participants and encouraging all others, the NCP MC`s with their talent and expertise ensure involvement; bringing kids and adults together and creating an affair that is fun and an invigorating experience for everyone!

The NCP MC`s are...

Accommodating - flexible to address your individual needs and requirements by precisely tailoring an agenda around those specifications

Authoritive - able to take charge in running the party and coordinating the affair`s details. Also being in tune with the timing, place, & flow -3 essential ingredients assuring you of a smooth running affair.

Creative - offering you helpful Ideas and suggestions in handling various aspects of your party.

Creative - offering you helpful Ideas and suggestions in handling various aspects of

Neal Cohen
Neal Cohen is owner and president of NCP. An MC for nearly two decades, Neal has continued to revolutionize the disc jockey entertainment industry . He is well known for his fun, warm, easy going style and vibrant personality. Given his years of stellar work and successful parties, Neal`s reputation has earned him a top name for bar /bat mitzvahs. Neal has developed a tradition where once he plays for a child`s bar / bat mitzvah he`ll nearly every time play for their brother`s or sister`s party as well. As a leader in the DJ entertainment industry Neal has been cited by his associates and several trade organizations for his ingenuity and has become known as an authority on disc jockey entertainment, where he has taken it to unparalled levels never imagined before.

Any party with Neal is surely to be one which will meet AND surpass all of your expectations.


Wayne Weisman

Known for his energetic style and vitality. Wayne really knows how to bring everyone to the dance floor and keep the crowd`s attention focused on the party. Wayne`s clients rave about his attention to detail and his innovative and creative ideas he brings to a party. As an MC for over 15 years, Wayne has created fun games & surprises tailored for each guest of honor. His enthusiasm and fun personality makes working with Wayne a delight.



Mike Faucher
Mike`s love for music and dancing made him a natural for the MC role. Mike brings a vivacious personality and innovative dance techniques to NCP. Mike loves to involve children and adults together, creating a party atmosphere which is lively, fun, full of energy and obvious to everyone around him!






Phil Scott
Phil's suave style combined with his great dance ability makes him a popular asset to NCP. With Phil's enthusiasm and charming personality, he is a hit which kids & adults will thoroughly enjoy!










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